FAQ About Ready to Cook Food

Yes, all our homemade snack foods are prepared using halal-certified ingredients and adhere to strict halal standards throughout the cooking process.

No, we pride ourselves on offering preservative-free homemade snack foods, ensuring that you enjoy authentic flavours without any compromise on quality or health.

Our homemade ready to cook foods are meticulously crafted using traditional Pakistani recipes, combined with the freshest ingredients, and then expertly frozen to preserve their quality and flavour.

We employ stringent packaging and handling procedures to maintain the quality and freshness of our homemade snack foods throughout the delivery process. Our packaging is designed to preserve the integrity of the products and ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or inquiries regarding our halal homemade ready-to-cook snack foods. We’re here to assist you!


Yes, we will deliver at your home address in Luton.

Yes, you can choose pickup option at the time of checkout.